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Hello and welcome to Prime Audio Games website!

Whether you are here to improve your quality time with your children, or you are looking for some new interactive ways to be in harmony with your family or planning to please someone by giving them joy and true emotions, you are in the right place. My name is Aiga and I am a mother of three, a wife, the creator of Prime Audio Games and simply a person, who believes in an open, true, live communication in any kind of interaction. 

Every business usually is based on the authors own story and this is no exception. This is a story I truly believe in. That in life, in our relationships we often tend to unreasonably complicate things, especially regarding to mutual communication. I remember, that when I was a little girl, I couldn’t quite understand, how all misunderstandings appear, for example, between family members. Both then and now I truly believe, that in reality, everything is simple – healthy and interpersonal relationships are based on regular and open communication. However, no matter how self-evident it may seem, families do not always practice it with each other. To be heard – that is one of the basic human needs, that often vanishes in daily responsibilities and constant background noise. 

And, of course, technologies. Have you ever wondered of when they became our biggest time thieves? Researches show, that we touch our smartphones an average of 2500 times a day, and we spend like 3 hours daily just swiping. At what point did these touches replaced those we could dedicate to each other? At what point did glances we lay on our screens replaced the ones we used to dedicate to each other? I truly care about how our children grow up, and I just want our bond to grow closer over time. It also matches Prime Audio Games philosophy – we want use technology in a meaningful way to improve rather than disrupt family communication in the long term.  

I wish that every family would devote at least 15 minutes of daily attention to a sincere conversation, to laughter, and to getting to know themselves and others. Join us and more than 4000 other families – take a new opportunity to have an exciting quality time with your family and I am sure your loved ones will appreciate it! 


Aiga J. Ādama,


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