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Frequently asked questions

1. Are there video games on Prime Audio Games CDs? 

No. There are audio games for using at home, in your car or wherever – anywhere with an access to CD player and a good company. Each CD contains about 18 audio tracks with different tasks, which will develop your imagination, will stimulate ingenuity, and also will help you to learn a lot. 

2. What are the age restrictions for the players? 

Audio games are exciting for both – children and adults. Participation in the game is possible as soon as the child is able to perceive the question and formulate its opinion. We recommend that each parent assess this age individually, depending on the child`s stage of development. If the little one doesn`t seem to be ready to participate yet, we recommend that you wait a bit and try again – maybe your child will be ready in few months. You can play with brothers, sisters, parents, godparents, even grandparents. Games are also a great way to get to know each other, so feel free to use them in a new companionship. 

3. How many people can play at one time? 

In order to keep the attention, we recommend to play in groups of 2-10 players at the time. Whether the game will be exciting also depends on active participants involvement..

4. Why the games are in audio format? 

The aim of audio games is to store as many games as possible in one place, so you wouldn`t need to remember them all. The audio format is convenient for players of all ages besides it is accessible from any place in the world. In order to participate, you don’t have to be able to read, you also don’t have to carry around books or other materials. During this game, you just have to listen carefully to the rules, which are very easy to perceive, thanks to the actors pleasant and encouraging voices. Also, if some of the participants did not hear the rules of the task, it is very easy for you to play it again. Or, if the task is not appropriate for the atmosphere, you can easily move on to the next one. 

5. Wouldn’t it get tedious if I listen to the same tasks over and over again? 

This is one of the fantastic advantages of audio games – topics are so various and you can choose them depending on your mood and the companions with whom the game is played. We guarantee that the results are never the same! 

6. What are the topics of audio games? 

Prime Audio Games offer three categories – fantasy, educational and ingenuity games. In every topic, players will be able to choose several options to get to know each other in a creative, fun and free atmosphere. 

7. Why I should choose audio games when spending some quality time with children?

Although there are several ways to spend time with your child, not all of them are qualitative and provide the benefits such as a mutual conversations, positive emotions and a sense of closeness. Children tend to learn from examples set by their parents – the way we spend our time will give our children an idea of what meaningful and valuable way of spending time is. By using technology wisely and meaningfully, we will create a healthy, growth inspiring interest about technology in our children. Also, the parents desire to communicate with child will rise playful interest and it will expand your kid`s knowledge. In addition, the full and undivided attention you will give to your children, will be invaluable – in the long term your child will have better developed language skills, also it will be easier to define its opinion and keep attention.

8. Can I play it by myself? 

Do you remember games from our childhood, which we played with ourselves, imagining what the other player`s move would be? Yes, this is also a game you can play alone, using your best imagination and become a good interlocutor for yourself. This will help you to develop creative thinking, and when you will become a team player, you will always be one step ahead of other participants. 

9. Where can I play audio games? 

Wherever there is an access to a CD player or your smart device. The CD format, for example, will be more suitable for the car to shorten the route to the destination while spending some quality time.  Also, CD with audio games will be a wonderful gift – ever if your loved ones use other formats on daily basis, you will give them an original edition, which is more personal and consistent value. We also offer to listen to audio games in our mobile application, regardless of whether your smart device has an Android or Apple iOS operating system, as well as in the Spotify. 

CD will be a great gift!


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